Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 sex tips you should not ignore

Now that you are in a physical relationship you probably assume that you know all there is to know. But sex advice does not begin and end with protected sex. While it is important to have protected sex there are a few other things that you must know.
Make sure you and your partner get tested for HIV, AIDS and other STDs before you indulge in sex.
1. Even though you are free of any venereal disease, make sure you have protected sex. This will prevent the possibility of any sexual infection or unwanted pregnancy.
2. Remember, birth control pills are effective only if you take them a month before you start having sex and you need to continue taking them as long as you have sex. If you miss taking the pill for even a day and you have had unprotected sex, you could get pregnant.
3. Most couples believe that standing up or jumping immediately after unprotected sex will prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is a myth bacause if you have had unprotected sex, you can get pregnant or even get sexually transmitted diseases.
4. Most women in India get married early and are sexually active at an early age. Cervical cancer spreads because women are sexually active and bear children at an early age. So get a Pap smear test done just to be on the safe side.
5. If your body does not produce enough natural lubrication, you can use lubricants available in the market. Check with your gynaecologist about the brands available.
6. Stay monogamous. While being with several men may be the trend these days, remember that you are exposing yourself to a host of STDs. So stick to one man and stay safe.
7. Video recording sex sessions are not a good idea, especially if you are not married to the man. While it may be over-the-top to do it, it is also very risky. You never know where the tape may land up. So say no to video-recording.
8. If you are uncomfortable with having sex with your partner for whatever reason, it is okay for you to say no. Only do things that you are comfortable with. You do not have to be a 'Yes' woman.
9. Make sure that you get a complete medical test done annually once you are sexually active. Incase you suspect STDs, get yourself tested for it. There is nothing to be ashamed or scared about. Get yourself treated before it is too late.
And finally,
10. Are you bored of your sex life? Then experimenting with foreplay and sex always helps spice things up.
So go ahead girls, stay safe and stay protected.

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