Wednesday, June 29, 2011

80 Hot new sex tips in 20 words or less!

1 Drop by his place unexpectedly wearing kneehigh boots, a trench...and nothing else.

2 En route to meet him, text your guy dirty stuff you want him to do to you once you're there.

3 Rub his nerve-packed frenulum (where the head of the penis meets the shaft) with your thumb using medium pressure.

4 Lube up his shaft, get on top, and slide up and down against him-never letting him actually enter you.

5 While he's kissing you, suck on his tongue seductively, imitating what you do to his penis.

6 Try Skype sex. Keep your camera pointed above your shoulders, so he sees just your 'O' face.

7 Lick your lips before heading downtown. It lets him know you enjoy it, making it even more pleasurable.

8 On the ride home, touch his knee. It'll help you get closer to his package.

9 Ask him over for dessert. Lie naked with a few pieces of chocolate on you.

10 Take his testicles into your mouth and hum. The vibration will feel amazing.

11 In missionary, put your ankles over his shoulders. This will lift your butt and allow him to hit your G-spot.

12 Go reverse-cowgirl, then lie down so your head is near his feet.

13 Wear boy shorts during sex (just have him pull them aside). The fabric will create phenomenal friction against his shaft.

14 While he's down south, have him trace sexy words with his tongue to mix things up and introduce new sensations.

15 Intensify his orgasm: as he's climaxing, firmly grab his ass and pull him into you as deep as possible.

16 While he's pleasuring you, have him put his finger inside you.

17 Have him sit cross-legged. Then wrap your legs around his waist to take in all of him.

18 Pucker your lips, and make him fight to get his tongue in while he's kissing you madly.

19 Stick out your tongue so it's flat and broad. Lightly pat his penis against it while you're giving him oral.

20 Using a silk tie, gently bind his hands behind his back. Then torture him with a slow striptease.
21 When he's on top, lift your butt and clench your thighs right before you climax to make it more intense.

22 While out, lick the neck of a beer bottle the way you plan on licking him later.

23 Have him suck your nipples and then slowly blow a stream of air on them.

24 Stay silent until you're about to orgasm...then let yourself go. Your animalistic noises will drive him wild.

25 Make him 'stir' by swiveling his hips in a circle. He'll hit every part of you.

26 Take as much of his package as you can in your mouth and suck firmly-he'll absolutely love the pressure which you bring to it.

27 Lie facedown with him on top, keeping your legs closed tight. This creates the ultimate friction as he thrusts.

28 Try role-playing. Grab a ruler and make him call you Miss.

29 Ask him to kiss your V-zone instead of licking it.

30 Anytime he does something you like, dig your nails into his back.

31 Rub some mint lip balm on your finger and put it on his nipples. It'll make them tingle.

32 Bounce while you're on top. The sight of your breasts jiggling like crazy will be super-arousing for him.

33 When you're ready, tell him that you need him inside you. That word expresses much more urgency than want does.

34 Keep two wet washcloths in the fridge. Post-sex, whip them out to give each other a refreshing cool-down.

35 Spread a few drops of massage oil on your breasts before getting busy. This way, you'll slide against him sexily.

36 Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and take the tip of him in. It's a new sensation.

37 Post-shower, let him bend you over the sink and take you from behind. Make eye contact in the mirror.

38 Have him lick the underside of your breasts-the skin there is very sensitive.

39 Start  the action with your hair pulled up. While on top of him, shake i t loose and whip it

40 Let him use his tongue against your clitoris over your underwear.

41 Mid-sex, clench your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles for five seconds.

42 Hold his penis in one hand and flick your tongue quickly-like a snake-around the perimeter of the tip.

43 With the lights on, sprawl out on the bed before the action begins to give him the full awesome view.

44 While you're on top, graze your fingers over the area where his abs meet his hips. It's super-sensitive.

45 Have him massage your booty while giving you oral. Stress is stored there, so the combination feels really intense.

46 Post-orgasm, squeeze his testicles. It'll give him a sexy aftershock.

47 Sway your hips from side to side during doggie-style instead of back and forth in order to hit new nerves.

48 Place one hand at the base of his shaft and twist the tip with the other-like you're opening a jar.

49 Rub your hands together for a few seconds before touching his junk. Your warm hands will make things much hotter.

50 When you think he's about to blow, pinch his nipples. This sends lots of guys over the edge.

51 Keep your lips tense when using them on his member-the firmer, the better.

52 Ask him to bind your hands with your underwear. Tell him he has ten minutes to torture you with pleasure.

53 During missionary sex, place your feet on his chest with your legs crossed to create an extra snug grip.

54 Lightly wrap a cheap beaded necklace around his package, and then move it back and forth.

55 Try no-hands foreplay. You're only allowed to touch each other using other body parts: lips, breasts, hair, feet....

56 Hold some sparkling water in your mouth while giving him oral. The bubbles plus warmth will make him quiver.

57 Try ice cubes. Your body heat melts them, making sex slippery.

58 Lean over the arm of the couch and let him give you oral from behind.

59 Lick his shaft, then breathe hot air onto it. The warming combo will be killer for him.

60 Try an arousal oil, like Zestra (order online at or Intrigue, to make your lady parts more sensitive.
61 Have sex in an empty bathtub. The confined space keeps you close and forces you to get creative.

62 Lift your hips a bit while riding him so he can see himself moving in and out of you in motion.

63 Sit in a chair while he gives you oral. It opens you up more and is easier for him too.

64 Try 69, but instead of lying on top, lie side by side.

65 Put two pillows under your butt when he's on top to help him hit your G-spot.

66 Sit behind him, press your breasts against his back, and run your fingers up and down his chest.

67 Keep on a blingy necklace during sex. It'll draw extra attention to your girls while getting it on.

68 Before he gets too big , take his whole penis in your mouth.

69 Set your cell-phone alarm for 3 a.m., and then wake him up for a quickie.

70 Have him place a finger inside you, and put one of yours in too. Doing it together feels totally erotic.

71 Wear a leather belt around your naked waist during doggie-style. He can pull on it to create more bounce.

72 Let him finish on your breasts.

73 Suck his tip while lightly running your nails up and down his shaft.

74 Write him a graphic note, and slip it in his pocket when he's leaving to turn him on.

75 Have him fold his tongue like a taco and put it inside you. Then have him flatten it out.

76 When he's about to finish, switch positions. Go from doggie-style to spooning or girl-on-top to reverse-cowgirl.

77 Rub the tip of his penis against your lips, like you're applying lipstick on them.

78 Keep him inside you post-sex. Wait a bit, then clench your PC muscles to get him hard for round two.

79 Tweak your own nipples, and let him watch while you do that.

80 Straddle him and pull your knees up so he gets a carnal view during sex.

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